Once you have created and publish your profile page to the site, your profile will last for the duration of your subscription from the date it started. Towards the end of your subscription, you will be notified of the renewal date. Should you miss that deadline your profile will be deleted and no information from your page will be stored. Should you then wish to renew after that date, you will be required to create a brand new page along with new passwords. The price of your subscription will be clearly stated on the signup page. Please make yourself aware of the price before signing as the subscription fee will not be refunded once your membership is made final. 

Copyright of the material submitted and uploaded to members profiles is the responsibility of the artist. A&R Talent Finders offers no copyright security at this time.

Should you choose our automatic renewal service, it will be your responsibility to cancel when you now longer wish to have this service.

All profiles are private and cannot be viewed by the general public. Should you share your profile login details, it is soily your responsibilty to protect yourself with copyright. A&R Talent Finders cannot be held accountable for any of your actions that may compromise your copyright.

Any members found to be abusive in any way towards other members on the site will be warned to stop. If that warning is not adhered to, the termination of the offending members' profile will be put in action with no refund and may be reported.

Plagiarism will also not be tolerated and will face the same action.