Frequently Asked Questions.  

Q: How many songs and videos can I upload?

A: Ten songs and three videos is your maximum, but you can change them throughout the duration of your membership.

Q: Do I have to pay Talent Finders a free should I be signed from the site?
A: No, we only provide the means for you to be discovered. Once you’re signed, that’s it, we wish you all the best at this time..

Q: Do you offer any legal support?
A: I’m afraid not, not at this time.

Q: What if the record company I want to get the attention of is not linked to the site?
A: You can invite them, just send them an email link to your profile and we will allow them access to view your profile.

Q: Can anyone view my profile and listen to my music?
A: No, only record companies and the administrators of the site. Anyone else will need a direct invite from you.

Q: What can I do to get my profile in the Top 20?
A: Be The best you can be. The top 20 profiles for the month are selected by the professionals on the Talent Finders team who listen and select according  to what  they hear.

Q: What about copyright. How am I protected on your site?
A: The copyright of your music & pictures is entirely down to you. We only provide
privacy on our site.


A&R Talent Finders is designed to keep individuals profiles private to those who set the profile allowing access only to record companies that potentially can offer you deals to further your career. You can however choose to share your profile with other members of the site but when doing so, please choose to share with people you know and can trust as it is totally your responsibility to protect your copyright. We do not allow random visitors to your page who may be tempted to plagiarize your material. A&R Talent Finders cannot be responsible for any material that is copied or stolen.

Terms of Use

Once you have created and uploaded your profile to the site, your profile will last for 12 months from the date it started. Towards the end of your subscription, you will be notified of the renewal date. Should you miss that deadline your profile will be deleted and no information from your page will be stored. Should you then wish to renew after that date, you will be required to create a brand new page along with new passwords. The price of your subscription will be clearly stated on the signup page. Please make yourself aware of the price before signing as the subscription fee will not be refunded once your membership is made final.

When leaving comments, please note that we are all here for the same reason so positive criticism  will always be welcome.

If your request is false and you do not represent a record company, your request will not be accepted. Should your application be accepted but it is found out at a later date that you do not represent a record company, your account will be deleted.

Anyone members found to be abusive in any way towards other members on the site will be warned to stop. If that warning is not adhered to, the termination of the offending member’s profile will be put in action with no refund. Plagiarism will also not be tolerated and will face the same actions.