Talent Finders is the only website specially designed to allow musicians to showcase themselves to a direct audience of A&R executives! 

With so many social media platforms to choose from, and no clue whether you are getting viewed by the right people, getting yourself noticed as an emerging musician can feel almost impossible. Our mission here at A&R Talent Finders is to help music makers and performers to increase visibility by creating a space for artists to upload their work for the direct viewing of record label scouts.

Upload music files, performance videos, pictures and bios for the regular viewing of A&R looking for the next artist that will light up the music charts! 



Talent Finders was created by professional musician/singer and songwriter, Keith Williams. Witnessing the growth of interest in the music industry, alongside the rise in popularity of T.V talent shows and online music platforms, Keith saw a need for talented people to have a forum that could help them to showcase their skills without compromise and with a Direct link to creative developers and supporters. Creating the website felt like an obvious and exciting venuture. The idea was original created in 2006 and over the years the idea kept growing and was eventually put into development in late 2014.  Elliotte Williams-N’Dure (singer/songwriter) was invited onboard to help continue with the development of the company’s marketing strategies and visibility. Once the basic structure and design of the site had been achieved, Chase Taylor (music producer/rapper/ web designer) joined the team, finishing the sites development and taking it to the next level.  

Passion, hard work and reverence for the art of music has brought this website into existence, and we at A&R Talent Finders hope those venturing into a career as a music practitioner take full advantage of our service to achieve their goals of music industry success!